Where, When and How to Write - get some tips on finding out what suits you for writing and how to set your self up to be productive.

Getting Started - tips on how to start off, researching your subject and planning your writing or assignment.

Organising Yourself to Write - as the title suggests, this will give you tips on how to set yourself up and get organised to assist with your writing, including your working environment and how to manage your writing and assignments.

Editing and Revising - some common sense advice on editing your writing, making changes, proofreading and what to look for. Also, have a look at:

Automated Spelling Checkers - some words of advice and warning on what spell checkers are good at and what you need to know when using them.

Automated Grammar Checkers - some words of advice and warning on what grammar checkers are good at and what you need to know when using them.

Homophones - some tips on words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have very different meanings.

Eggcorns - some tips on commonly misquoted phrases and sayings.

Version Control - some information and ideas about controlling different versions of your documents.

Manuscript Formatting - some tips basic considerations you will need to make when producing a manuscript for submission to editors or publishers.

What You’ll Need - a look at some of the tools you’ll need including reference books and hardware.

Punctuation - a valuable few pages with some practical advice on how to use punctuation marks properly.

Language - more practical tips on language including the use of verbs, adjectives and adverbs. This page also leads to:

Spelling, Foreign Words and Accents in English, Abbreviations and Acronyms, Slang and Jargon.

CV and Resume Writing Advice - essential tips on how to improve the standard of your written CV or resume, including things to avoid and things you should check for. Also links to:

CV and resume tips especially for writers

Links and Resources - some miscellaneous links to free web-based resources for writers to help with research.

Work at Home Writing - more information on freelance writing and writing as a home-based business, with links.

How Much Should I Charge as a Freelance Writer? - Having trouble figuring out what to charge your customers? You're not alone.

Web Content Writing - more information about writing content for web pages, with links.

Plagiarism - find out about the rise of plagiarism on the internet and what to look out for to make sure you don’t inadvertently plagiarize. Links to:

Copyright - find out more about copyright and what it means to you as a writer. Includes lots of useful links to copyright-related sites in the UK and USA.

Copyleft - find out how the terms of copyright can allow material to be distributed freely.

Getting Published - how easy is it to get published? And where should you start to find out how to get published? Leads on to information on:

Vanity Publishing

Self Publishing

Print on Demand


Advantages and disadvantages of ebook publishing

Free downloads - Take a look at some handy, free template downloads to help with your writing.

Blogging - Find out what blogging is all about.

Blogging as a Career: Earning Your Living Writing on the Internet - Find out about making money blogging on the internet.

Passive Income - Find out how to establish a passive income from your writing today.

Articles about writing and writers

Read some of our interesting articles on various aspects of the writing craft and being a writer.

General Writing - articles about writing in general, including writing skills, getting published, copyright, writing groups and promoting your writing.

Business Writing - articles about business writing including e-mail, sales pitches, improving your written communications and cover letters.

Resume / CV Writing - some valuable articles on how to improve the writing in your resume or cv, how to write cover letters. Includes words to avoid using and common mistakes you need to avoid.

Creative Writing - read all about the art of creative writing including characterisation, how to keep your reader’s attention, short stories and how to make your work sell.

Non-Fiction Writing - some general non-fiction related articles including how to choose an article title, tips for article submission and writing your memoirs.

Web / Internet Writing - find some golden rules for writing on the web, how to make your Ebay descriptions work for you, blog writing tips and how to write internet press releases.

Technical Writing and Freelance Writing - more valuable articles on basic project management for technical and freelance writers, how to increase your business, technical writing resources and proofreading.