Where, When and How to Write

When is the Best Time to Write?

One of the first things you should establish is when is the right time to write, for you. This will be peculiar to you as everyone is different. Many people find that they are more productive, more imaginative or more motivated at certain times of the day or week. Look at your day and be aware of when these times are for you. It could be the early morning, or it could be late at night. Whichever it is, you will need to harness your preference and make use of the most productive times if you are to succeed. This is particularly important for creative writers but less so for technical writers, for example.

How to Approach your Writing

Although you will want to harness your productivity and creativity, it is important that you set achievable goals for yourself. You should understand your own writing output potential. Expecting to write huge amounts of text and then only succeeding in lesser amounts will serve only to demotivate you.

Understand your own capacity to write and you will be able to better control your own output. Remember, for many people, written output and quality may be dependent upon each other. Increasing the amount you write over a short period can sometimes come at the expense of the quality of your writing.

Where to Write

Of equal importance, for many people, is where to do your writing. The working environment you are in may also significantly affect the amount, and quality, of your writing. Ensure that the environment you choose allows you to concentrate and free your mind. If you are heavily distracted or in the wrong atmosphere, you will find writing more difficult and so much less enjoyable.

The environment you prefer may differ depending upon the type of writing. For example you may need somewhere quiet and inspiring for creative writing, whereas technical writing or freelancing is generally much more suited to an office-type environment with space to lay out documentation or drawings and is therefore less conducive to relaxation.

Make sure you set up somewhere you feel comfortable with, with as few distractions as possible. Don’t get too comfortable though: you still want to have enough motivation to work, not sleep!