CV / Resume Tips

If you are a writer (especially a technical writer) there are some tips below to remember when you’re writing your CV (or resume).

Make sure your CV is word-efficient. Be succinct. Prospective employers won't want to read pages and pages of detailed information while they try to find something that's relevant to them.

Check your grammar and spelling.

Highlight relevant and transferable skills, especially in relation to the particular job you are applying for.

Highlight any specialist writing and publishing tools or software that you can use proficiently.

Make sure you supply important information relevant to the post you're applying for without leaving anything out. Many people make the mistake of trying to have a generic CV. It might be better to review it for each application and change the keywords accordingly.

Check your grammar and spelling.

If you haven't been a writer (especially a technical writer) in a previous job, make sure you highlight relevant skills and experience to show that you can do the job.

List any courses that you've been on, preferably relevant ones. If you have no relevant courses, why not look for one and start it. You can always mention on your CV that you're in the middle of a course. It shows you are serious about this kind of work.

Try and get some experience writing in the field that you're aiming at. Not only will it give you experiences to talk about at an interview but you'll start to amass a portfolio of examples that you can supply if requested. This is especially important if you want to specialise in freelance writing.

Check your grammar and spelling (yes, again!).

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