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Stop Playing With MS Word and Get Writing: How to Stop Format Styles Derailing Your Train of Thought

As a writer, you will undoubtedly have used MS Word at sometime. It may be your primary writing application and that would be no surprise. It's by far the most popular word processing application in use today but despite this, few people ever really get to grips with MS Word. For most writers, what they're writing is usually much more important than the tool they use to write it. MS Word has become the de facto tool of choice for most writers exactly because it's so common and so easy to use. It is, however, a tool that can sap the time away from your writing efforts if you let it... read more.

Recognising the Differences Between British and American English

George Bernard Shaw is famously quoted as having said that the British and the Americans are two nations "separated by a common language". In reality, there is no real difference in the application of the language in grammatical terms between American English and British English: sentences are constructed in an identical manner and the application of punctuation is the more.

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