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Ebay Auction Writing: Make the Most of Your Descriptions

How many times have you opened an auction in Ebay and been put off by a poor auction description? Lots of times I'll bet. The auction description, especially on Ebay, is a fundamental part of achieving a successful sale. If the description isn't right, no amount of pictures or repricing will get your item sold. So where do people go wrong? ...more

Writing for the Web: Some Golden Rules

Writing for web pages and writing for traditional paper-based texts are two different disciplines the require slightly different approaches. There are some golden rules that you need to observe if your web content is to be successful. ...more

Writing your Sales Pitch - Is the Standard of your Writing Affecting your Sales Potential?

There are lots of resources out there for web designers; just do a web search and you'll find all manner of tools and guidance to help get your website up, running and looking professional. One area that many webmasters forget or don't realise that they need to be aware of is the standard of their written content in terms of language, punctuation and grammar. ...more

Time Management for Writers - Controlling Time, Without the Sci-Fi

OK, so if I actually knew how to control time, I wouldn't be doing this; I'd be off getting a note of next week's lottery numbers. We can, however, look at how to better manage the time available to us. It occurred to me that one of the blockers for many people getting into writing or trying to finish a text is finding time to do it, especially amateur writers trying to fit writing into an already hectic life. So why not take some basic pointers from the world of business and apply them to your home life and your writing? ...more